Dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan the traditional week of cinema «ТҰҢҒЫШ-ПЕРВЫЙ-FIRST» was started at the Elbassy library on December 12.

The students of the College of Economics and Finance and the College of Management, as well as the pupils of schools-lyceums No. 59 and 79 of Astana were the first audiences of the celebratory film screening.

For schoolchildren was organized the excursion. The iDos robot guide and his quiz game was caused the enthusiasm of young visitors. The guys answered to the questions of the unusual guide and received certificates from him.

The guys themselves arranged a surprise for the organizers of the excursion. Pupils of 5 «В» grade of school-lyceum No. 59 Ramazan Nurzhanov and Nurakhmet Kimanov read poems about the Motherland in Kazakh, Russian and English languages, and Aisulu Malikova performed on kyu (kazakh traditional instrumental piece) «Balbyrauyn» on dombra (kazakh traditional musical instrumental). Magzhan Zhaksylyk – pupil of 6 «Б» grade of the school-lyceum No. 79 read a poem about the independence of Kazakhstan.

– Here at the Elbassy library, I learned a lot about our country and the President, his childhood, where he was born, studied, worked. The 3D hologram I liked most of all, where we saw orders and medals of Elbassy, – shared with impressions Ramazan Nurzhanov.

The President's childhood, his years of study was interesting for Dana Dyuseneva a pupil of 5 grade of th school-lyceum No. 59. She really liked the robot iDos.

– Tthe interactive photo album of our Elbassy Nursultan Abishevich I looked with interest. I will tell my parents about this excursion, about what a beautiful building of the Library and what you can learn a lot of interesting, – said Magzhan Zhaksylyk.

After the excursion in the cinema hall of the Library, was shown the film «The sky of my childhood» about the childhood of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev.