On December 6, 2019, a solemn ceremony of awarding the participants of the International Creative Contest "Independence of Kazakhstan and Elbassy" of media professionals dedicated to the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held.

The annual Contest is held to highlight the achievements of the country during the years of independence, popularization of the "Nazarbayev’s model", ideas and initiatives of Elbassy as the basis of Kazakhstan's statehood. The organizers of the event are the Library and the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbassy.

A feature of this year's Contest is a new nomination "The best publication in the foreign media." Journalists from Azerbaijan, Germany, Russia, Turkey, and Japan sent their works.

The ceremony was opened by Director of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbassy, Co-Chairman of the Contest Commission Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov.

"I would like to express gratitude to all journalists of Kazakhstan and abroad, who actively responded and took part in the Contest. New names are opening up in one of the most important for society, creative professions. The works are distinguished by a deep understanding of how multinational Kazakhstan is developing now. This event fully implements its main task of popularization of creative ideas and initiatives of Elbassy not only in Kazakhstan but also in the whole world," A. Rakhimzhanov said in his speech and congratulated those present on the upcoming Independence Day.

In his welcoming speech to the participants of the competition, Deputy Executive Director of the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan - Elbassy Alkey Margulanuly said:

Thanks to the implementation of the wise policy of the First President Nursultan Nazarbayev, our country has created the basis for sustained growth in all areas and today is achieving impressive success. We are confidently moving forward, setting ambitious goals. Their implementation, as well as the implementation of the tasks set by Elbassy at the dawn of independence, would be impossible without the support of the people, understanding of the state course by the Kazakhstan people. The media play a huge role in that-. After all, they influence public opinion, contribute to the formation of ideas in a society of certain phenomena and processes. At the same time, thanks to the work of the media, there is an opportunity for organizations and officials to look at their work from the outside, to see certain shortcomings and correct them. Honoring the winners of the Contest, we want to celebrate some of the best representatives of the media, to express gratitude for your important work."

In the nomination "The best publication in foreign media" places were as follows: 1st place - Rustam Gasimov (newspaper "Yenicag. Az-New Era", Azerbaijan), 2nd place - Guzal Zaitova (Turkish TV and radio company in the Republic of Kazakhstan), 3rd place - Naoki Matsumoto (magazine "KINZAI Financial Plan", Japan).

"I am very happy to be here today, in fraternal Kazakhstan, and to receive such a prestigious award. I visited Nur-Sultan for the first time in June this year. I was very impressed with the city, Kazakh culture, and hospitality of your people. There were so many impressions that only a part of them was included in the article submitted for the contest, where I touched upon the multifaceted activities of the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev aimed at creating, developing and strengthening the nation, international security, anti-nuclear movement, integration of the Turkic world, as well as strengthening Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan relations, which are on the rise and rapidly developing," R. Gasimov said.

In the nomination "The best article in newspapers and magazines": 1st place - Hairat Sataev (Atyrau-Akparat LLP, Atyrau), 2nd place - Nadezhda Tulina (newspaper "Caspian Comunna", Atyrau), 3rd place - Alisher Shayakhmetov (newspaper "Zvezda Priirtyshya", Pavlodar).

"I can't believe that I am the winner of this contest. I cover the topic of unity, harmony in our country and I am always in search of how to present this material interesting for the reader. The policy of Elbassy is aimed at ensuring a safe and peaceful life in Kazakhstan. This is very important. The Kazakhstan model of a multinational, peaceful state has become a model of development for the whole world. We, journalists, strive to convey these values to the reader and try to make it interesting," N. Tulina said.

The editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Caravan", a member of the Contest Commission Igor Shakhnovich, emphasized the level of television work this year.

"The contest is useful from the point of view that the statehood that exists today and which is perceived as given by the young generation was actually won in the hard struggle, in the most difficult conditions. In addition, the effect of this Contest is that we enable the new generation to understand this value, which must be protected, and the huge role of Elbassy in this achievement. I was surprised by many competitive television works. They should certainly be seen and studied by school students. This is necessary for the formation of their personal, civic consciousness," said Igor Shakhnovich.

In the nomination "The best TV material", the winner was Darkhan Abdyuahit (Khabar TV channel, Nur-Sultan), 2nd place - Saule Kumekbaeva and Ayan Omarkulov (TRK of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan), Bekzat Eskaliev (RTRC "Kazakhstan", Kyzylorda), Bolatbek Bayankhan (RTRC Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan) and Alimzhan Isabay (RTRC Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan) took 3rd place.

In the nomination "The best radio material", 1 place was awarded to Nurmat Mansur (radio Shalkar, Nur-Sultan).

In the nomination "The best publication in the Internet media", Arman Suleimenov ("History of Kazakhstan" portal, Nur-Sultan) won 1st place, Ruslan Gabbasov (IA "Kazinform", Nur-Sultan) took 2nd place, and Mahat Sadyk took 3rd place (IA "Kazinform", Nur-Sultan).  

"It is not only a great honor for me to participate in the contest of the Library and the Foundation of Elbassy but also a high responsibility to objectively highlight the role and contribution of Nursultan Nazarbayev to the formation of Kazakhstan statehood. In my work, I see with what enthusiasm children talk about the young years, the work of Nursultan Nazarbayev. Today they live in prosperous Kazakhstan. And media workers, as representatives of the fourth power, should talk about how the state was built in the early 90's, what difficulties had to be overcome, how we achieved modern success. This is a great merit of the First President of Kazakhstan", A. Suleimenov said.

The winners of the contest "The independence of Kazakhstan and Elbassy" were awarded cash prizes, badges, and diplomas. Kazakhstani opera and pop artists performed at the ceremony.