On December 12, in Petropavlovsk, the employees of the Service of social-humanitarian and educational projects of the Library of Elbassy held a training seminar "The way to the future begins with everyone" for teachers of social disciplines and deputy directors for educational work of colleges of the North Kazakhstan region. In total 84 teachers were trained.

The participants listened to the lectures of Doctor of philosophy, Professor Gaziz Telebayev and candidate of historical sciences Sagintay Berdagulova "Era of Independence", "Fourth industrial revolution", "Ruhani zhangyru - the way to the future", "Seven facets of the Great Steppe". Head of the Service of social-humanitarian and educational projects, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate Professor Kunslu Isinova and senior expert Kunziya Umbetova delivered training, team games and practical classes.

The participants of the training told about the acquired knowledge, new skills, and their impressions.

Lyazzat Sarbasova, a history teacher of Ualikhanov Agricultural College:

- I want to express my gratitude to the organizers of this wonderful seminar. It was held in a new, very interesting format for us. We have received a lot of necessary and useful information. My colleagues and I drove about 400 kilometers to get on it. And most importantly – it was not in vain. Thanks a lot! Let there be more such training activities because we - as teachers - carry information, knowledge to the masses, we must be ideologists, our task is to enlighten and educate.

Saule Kizheneva, a lecturer at North-Kazakhstan Medical College, Youth Manager:

– It should be noted that human development continues throughout the whole life. This is especially true for teachers. Unfortunately, not every teacher has the opportunity to go to school due to the amount of employment. But this is a necessary component of our activities. Therefore, we are very grateful to employees of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbassy, who came to us with this wonderful mission. As part of the training seminar, we listened to very informative lectures. And expanding our knowledge, we were then able to realize ourselves in teamwork thanks to the coach. As a teacher, I would like to note a very correct combination of the theoretical part with practical activities. In the course of training, we have learned new stuff that we will definitely apply in our work. After all, in order to train and educate our young people creative, proactive, modern, we, teachers need to modernize our own consciousness. Special thanks to the leadership of the Library of Elbassy for organizing field seminars, for attention to the regions.