Exhibition «Kazakhstan Way» in Smolny Cathedral concert and exhibition hall of Saint Petersburg

The exhibition «Kazakhstan Way» from the funds of the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan took place in Smolny Cathedral concert and exhibition hall. The exhibition was organized in accordance with the concluded Memorandum between the Museum and the State Museum-monument «St. Isaacs Cathedral» within the limits of the international partner project of the Museum «Dialogue through culture». 
A unique documentary and photo illustrative series, as well as a collection of museum objects from the collections of the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan allowed revealing the purpose of the exhibition - showing the actual events in the modern history of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan passed a serious way: from chaos of consequences of disintegration of the Soviet Union - until definition of strategy of independent forward development. The key reforms and events that defined the future of Kazakhstan, caused logic and vector of development of the country are reflected in photo materials of the exhibition. Among them are: closing of Semipalatinsk nuclear test site, transition to national currency tenge, adoption of the Constitution, moving of the capital from Almaty to Astana and many others. The exposition included five sections: «Creation of future», «From independence to globalization», «Embodied dream», «Territory of peace and accord», «Sides of Personality», which successively told about the history of the contemporary Kazakhstan. 
The materials of the exhibition «Kazakhstan way» acquainted visitors with various sides of N. A. Nazarbayevs personality who defined especial «Kazakhstan way» of development in drama years of formation of the state’s sovereignty.
Director of the Museum Alma Sagyngali, representative of the government of St. Petersburg, Consul general of the Republic of Kazakhstan Ermek Primbetov made welcome speech at the opening ceremony of the exhibition. For the first time the composition for a violoncello, a violin and a piano «Kyuy of Dauletkerey «Korogly» in the processing of A. Zhayym was played by the Kazakhstan musicians for the Russian public, and also a number of compositions of Russian and Kazakhstan authors performed by Chamber chorus of Smolny Cathedral sounded at the concert in honour of opening of the exhibition.