The Library of Elbassy hosted a meeting with Zhabal Ergaliev, public figure, journalist, publicist, writer-playwright, member of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan, laureate of the prize of the Union of Journalists of Kazakhstan and the International Prize named after Zhambyl. He was also a member of the Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan of IV and V convocations.


The speaker told the youth about his creative path, the modern development of the literary sphere in Kazakhstan, shared his advice on how to start your own way in writing. Participants of the event were the students of Karaganda State Technical University of D. Serikbayev, East Kazakhstan State Technical University, Silkway International University and representatives of the capital's student youth. For them, the dialogue with the writer provided an opportunity to learn the point of view of the older generation on the rapidly changing conditions of the modern world. The change of epochs and years of independence allowed people with a new type of thinking to grow up in our country. And this, first of all, reflects the modern literature as a mirror.

"I’ve got a big boost of energy from you today. I am very glad to see you care about your motherland. I am sure you will become worthy citizens who will make a valuable contribution to the strengthening and formation of new generations of Kazakhstanis. The Independence of Kazakhstan and Nursultan Nazarbayev - these concepts are not separable. The current achievements of the country are highly appreciated all over the world. This is the result of titanic work, which has been carried out by Elbassy all these years. I wish everybody excellent study and success in all of your endeavors. Be true patriots of your people," said Zhabal Ergaliev addressing the youth.   

         For her part, Deputy Director of the Library of Elbassy, Candidate of Historical Sciences Botagoz Kaipova thanked the guest for participation and noted the importance of student meetings with the representatives of the Kazakh intelligentsia.

"Literary work is a very interesting, fascinating but at the same time complex, requiring diverse knowledge profession. The writers are the servants of the people. They are always on the side of innovators, progress, positively influencing the development of all humankind. One of such figures, glorifying the culture of the people and its national wealth, is Zhabal Ergaliev. His works became a part of the treasury of Kazakh literature," Botagoz Kaipova said. 

The past two days have been full of new information for young people. As participants of the seminar training "The way to the future begins with everyone" at the Library of Elbassy, they listened to lectures and took part in training sessions. Zhalgas Tolebayev, a fourth-year student from Karaganda, says that this course has become a kind of defense of the projects that could very soon be implemented.

"The Youth Year in Kazakhstan will gradually go into the Year of Volunteers. Therefore, I think that the pace taken in 2019 will only increase. We have already made many new friends, gained new knowledge and practical skills here. The seminar in the Library of Elbassy allows us to expand our horizons and range of competencies, which is very important for us as for future volunteers. Elbassy, as a generator of thought, as a person who sets a high example to follow in everything, inspires us. During the meeting with Zhabal aga, we also received a lot of kind and useful advice and words of support," said Zhalgas Telebayev.

Zhabal Ergaliev is the author of the following works - "Qazaqtyń Qarasaı batyry", "Sóne kórme, juldyzdar", "Ultym menіń, ulysym menіń", "Han kótergen el edіk er ulanyn", "Bultty túngі tolǵan aı", "Jol sapar jalǵasa beredі", "Táýelsіzdіk tolǵaýy", "Álemdі júregіne syıǵyzǵan", "Qulpytastyń kóz jasy", "Summer without rain" and the novels "Sońǵy tuıaq", "Eskі arba". His drama works "Bultty túngі tolǵan Aı", "Toıǵandar men tozǵandar" and "Jetіm taǵdyr" were staged by the theaters of Kazakhstan.

The exhibition of books by Zh. Ergaliev will be presented to the attention of the participants of the meeting.