On November 7, Mikami Yuichiro - a guest from Japan - visited the Library of Elbassy. He is associated with Kazakhstan by years of study in Almaty and joint business with our compatriot in the sphere of medical tourism.


Mr. Yuichiro is already familiar with the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan-Elbassy – he was one of the first visitors to the fund exhibition of the Library of Elbassy in the area of the scientific-expositional project "Kazakhstan-Japan: the way to a nuclear-free world" held in Tokyo in September this year.

- The Library of Elbassy at first impresses with its exterior appearance, and when you go inside, you are even more surprised. It looks like a great liner and here you can feel the energy of the sun. Today I got acquainted with the internal content of the Nazarbayev Center, there is a very interesting Museum and Library. I am very glad that I had this opportunity. I believe that Nursultan Nazarbayev has done a lot for the development of Kazakhstan, for its economy. For almost 30 years after independence, your country has lived in peace, harmony, and stability. This is the merit of your leader," Mikami Yuichiro said during the visit.

The foreign entrepreneur sees his mission in opening up the economy of Kazakhstan for his compatriots:

- We, Kazakhs and Japanese, do not know each other very well. I have been in Kazakhstan for more than three years and I see that there are a lot of people from China, Korea, they do business, are engaged in investments. But very few people, particularly businessmen from Japan. I want to open Kazakhstan to Japan. In recent years, Japan is looking more and more in the direction of America, Europe, and East Asia. However, it seems to me that Kazakhstan has a huge potential for development. I think we can be interesting to each other.