Six-year-old Zhiger Khasen from the city of Ekibastuz in Pavlodar region has already become popular in social networks. A purposeful and inquisitive boy, he is a regular participant in the literary relay race "Abai readings" of the Library of Elbassy. His reading of Abai philosophical sayings never goes unnoticed. In the current season of the relay, Zhiger was awarded a special prize as the youngest participant of the "Abai readings". Today the talented reader visited the Museum of the Library of Elbassy. 

– He has long wanted to be here, from his very first participation in the Abai readings. We thought that due to quarantine, we would not be able to come here soon. But it so happened that my son needed an operation in the capital. We decided that during this difficult period, he will be very happy to be here, and it will be an exciting and unforgettable journey for him. And so it happened. We tried to arrive here as early as possible in order to have time to see all the expositions," said Zhiger's mother, Meruert Orazalina.

In the spacious halls of the Museum, guests got acquainted with the most important exhibits that tell about the history of the formation of Independent Kazakhstan. Zhiger listened very carefully to the guide and asked questions. In the hall, where portraits of the heroes of the Republican project "100 new personalities of Kazakhstan" are featured, the young guest asked about the history of the participants. Library expert Kaiyrzhan Konyrshin told about the achievements of Kazakhstanis, thanks to which they became winners of a large-scale competition initiated by the First President of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev.


Zhiger showed even greater excitement of an inquisitive nature by studying exhibits with personal autographs from prominent politicians of the world, famous figures of art, culture and sports.   

– At first, I couldn't understand why the photos were covered with incomprehensible drawings, but then Kaiyrzhan aga explained to me that these are the signatures of famous people, which are a sign of deep respect. I remember this most of all, and I thought that if I could become a famous football player, I would also very much like to give the Museum my trophy with an autograph," told Zhiger with a smile.

The halls of the new building of the Museum of the Library of Elbassy are equipped with modern multimedia complexes that make fascinating the process of studying expositions. For example, information kiosks that contain information about prominent cultural figures of Kazakhstan. Wearing headphones, Zhiger listened to the works of famous Kazakh singers, akyns and kuishi. Special attention was paid to Abai work, which the boy loves and reads from an early age.  

– Zhiger started reading poetry at the age of three. Almost the same age he began to read the works of Abai. Moreover, from the very beginning, he fell in love with reciting by heart not short quatrains, but deep philosophical works of the poet. If a poem has music, he sings songs. And if there are words, the meaning of which he does not understand, then he always asks for their meaning. When he learned 7-8 Abai poems, he began to read "Words of edification". The son grows and his consciousness is formed under the influence of Abai's wisdom. In this regard, the project of the Library of Elbassy, which calls for the study of great Abai's work, is very important, " Meruert Orazalina stressed.

Zhiger, meanwhile, continued to actively study modern technologies of the expositions. Various large-scale installations, 3D holographic compositions, electronic maps, touch monitors - all this made a lasting impression on the young guest: "I will remember this trip for the rest of my life. I could see all this on TV before, but now I tried it myself... Thanks to my mother for making my wish come true. Now I will tell my sister Zhibek about everything I saw, and then I will definitely bring her to the Museum of the Library of Elbassy."