On October 14-15, employees of the Social, Humanitarian and Educational Projects Department of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbassy held a webinar "The path to the future begins with everyone" for high school students of East Kazakhstan and Mangistau regions.


Schoolchildren listened to a series of lectures developed by leading scientific staff of the Library of Elbassy on relevant policy articles and messages of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev and Head of state K. Tokayev, and also took part in team games and discussions. The training on the development of social projects aroused special interest and activity of the audience. Having mastered the basics of design and presentation, students presented their plans and schemes dedicated to the modernization of education and health, improving the environment, developing tourism, promoting the brand of Kazakhstan and many others.

– I want to contribute to the future of Kazakhstan. After graduation, I dream of entering the university and becoming a forest engineer to work in the Borodulikhinsky branch of the SE GLPR "Semey ormany". I believe that this profession brings real benefits to society. It is important to understand that forests are a global battery of living matter that affects the oxygen and carbon balance of our planet. The forests of the Semipalatinsk region are a unique natural complex consisting of unique ribbon forests, intrazonal floodplain forests, birch-aspen outliers and apple trees in the southeastern part of the Kazakh Hummocks. All of them have important soil protection, climate control, water protection, sanitary and hygienic, recreational and other protective and social functions. The most dangerous reason for the depletion of forestry crops today is mass fires that have burned a significant area of woodlands. The current situation has determined the importance of solving the problem of saving the forest reserves of Kazakhstan. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to educate environmentally conscious young people. Our school has been running a school forestry unit "Lesovichok" for several years, where children from different classes are happy to come. The main goal of our school forestry unit is to increase the amount of forests in the country. I am an assistant chief. In May 2019, I participated in the regional workshop "How to work in the school forestry unit", where I gained tremendous experience. Our team, led by geography teacher Bodombayev Sayat Birkanovich, is working to create an environmental culture among our students. We are helping the forestry industry to carry out forest planting. The agitation team of the school forestry speaks to the residents of the village with the slogan "We love you, the forest!". We organize and conduct "Memory" operations dedicated to the anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. We are planting trees for commemorative dates and greening the village. We have developed a project to create a school transplant section. In the future, we will provide planting material not only to Borodulikhinsky district, but also to neighboring districts. After participating in the two-day webinar "The path to the future begins with everyone", I got even more motivation and ideas to achieve my goal, - shared her plans a student of the secondary school named after N. Ostrovsky, Borodulikhinsky district of East Kazakhstan region Angelina Angelcheva.