On 14 November, in the museum of the Library of Elbassy for students of the capital school № 71 a lesson "Words of edification and their significance in the formation of personality" was held.

The rich folklore of Kazakh people was reflected in proverbs and sayings, winged words and precepts. Many of them are rooted in ancient times. They are patriotic in their content, poetic in their presentation, permeated with a call for unity, fortitude and have great educational value. They reflect the wisdom of the Kazakh people and their attitude to the world. Witty sayings, aphorisms, proverbs give an idea of the life and worldview of the people.


Special attention was paid to the history of many popular aphorisms, words of edification, etc., features of the development of the Kazakh language.

The lecturer also introduced students to the works of the First President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, in particular: "I will share my thoughts with the people", "Týǵan elіm – tіregіm", "Ózekjardy oılar". Many statements of Elbassy became today winged: "He who has no respect for his history - does not respect himself", "Looking at the past, rule the future", etc.

In the course of the lesson, a game was held on the knowledge of winged expressions and aphorisms on various topics, in which students demonstrated their deep knowledge.

Ainagul Belosarova, a teacher of English language of the school No. 71:

- The theme is just wonderful! Personally, my children and I really liked the lecture. I myself gladly participated in the game and remembered many Kazakh sayings. Such classes are very necessary for our students. They not only expand their horizons, deepen knowledge in the area of history and culture of the Kazakh people, enrich their speech but also give aesthetic education. Children from an early age should not be accustomed to shopping and entertainment centers but to museums and libraries. Such cultural activities should not only be the norm for our children but also their spiritual needs.

Nurislam Ibrash, student of the 6th grade of the school No. 71:

- The lecture was informative and very interesting. I learned many new proverbs and sayings. I had no idea that they have such an ancient history and there are so many types of them. Such classes are very necessary for all of us because we get acquainted with the oral folklore of our people. I really want to come again to class in the Museum of the Library.


Ayim Abdali, a student of the 6th grade of the school No. 71:

- I liked how the lecturer talked about the work of N. Nazarbayev, especially the statements from the books of Elbassy. Many of them I often heard but did not know that their author was Nursultan Abishevich. It was very interesting to guess the winged words, proverbs, and sayings.

At the end of the event, the students made a fascinating tour of the historic building of the first Residence of N. Nazarbayev in the capital.