An open day for students of the capital college of management and business was held in the museum of the Library of Elbassy. The event consisted of several interesting and diverse activities. The training "Leadership Development" was held in the form of games, and allowed students to show their leadership qualities and intellectual baggage.


There was a lesson-excursion "Institute of batyrs: traditions, status, and weapons" in the Security Council Hall where students got acquainted with the bright pages of the military history of the Kazakh batyrs. The lesson-excursion "Arts and crafts of Kazakhstan", held in the foyer of the Dome Hall, allowed to plunge into the delightful world of original arts and crafts of the Kazakhs.

In her remarks, Deputy Director of the Library Elbassy Botagoz Kaipova told students about the activities of the institution. Special attention was paid to elective courses developed by the employees of the Library of Elbassy.

- As part of the implementation of scientific and educational projects, we work with preschool institutions, general education institutions, universities, colleges. For many years, a special project has been implemented to support children with special needs, for which we conduct art therapy sessions and training, holidays and meetings. The opening of the debate club "Akikat" brought work with young people to a whole new level. Initially, the activity of the debate club was focused on the capital's schools. However, college students made a proposal to hold such debates among secondary special education institutions. For several years, debate tournaments on the Challenge Cup of the Library of Elbassy have been held, - B. Kaipova noted.

The participants of the open day thanked the organizers for the event:

Samat Adigeev, Teacher of pedagogy and psychology:

- It is not the first time we bring students to the Library of Elbassy, and every time we are amazed by the extraordinary approaches to holding various events. The classes differ in thematic diversity and innovative methodological techniques. The current event was held by several employees of the Library, who demonstrated modern methods of working with young people in the museum space. For first-year students, a visit to such an institution has become a vivid and memorable event. Many students actively participated in the training and were able to reveal themselves, they felt free and confident. I hope I will be able to bring all сollege students to the Library of Elbassy within a year.

Dilnaz Begarina, 1st-year student of the college of management and business:

- It was my first time in the Library of Elbassy and I immediately got to such an interesting training. I especially liked the defense of our projects. We received not only a lot of new information but also new impressions. I've never seen a museum allow you to touch an exhibit. Here we not only saw but also touched unique objects. We touched the history of our country.


Aynaz Zhumagazy, 1st-year student of the college of management and business:

- Each of the classes is interesting in its own way. I remember the lesson dedicated to the military art of the Kazakhs. For the first time, I saw such a delightful art collection weapons. The lecturer told about the military exploits of our great ancestors. I hope that we will come to this museum more than once.