On 13 November - the Day of the national currency of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the museum of the Library of Elbassy the lecture "Tenge - a symbol of independence of the country" for students of College of Public Catering and Service was held.

For any state, the national currency is the basis of economic independence and national freedom. Thanks to the introduction of the tenge in 1993, the foundation of market relations and the national banking system was laid, which allowed our country to integrate into the world economy and pursue an independent monetary policy. Knowledge of the history of the national currency helps to better understand the economic model of Kazakhstan.

The study of the history of the national currency began with referring to the etymology of the word "tenge". The name "tenge" derives from the medieval Turkic silver coins "dengue" or "Tanga", from which, in turn, came the word "money" (dengi – in Russian).

Special attention was paid to the historical conditions in which the national currency was introduced, sketches were developed, and the first banknotes were printed.

In the course of the lecture, students had the opportunity to see rare and unique documents from the personal archive of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbassy, clearly demonstrating the role of Elbassy N. Nazarbayev in the formation of the national economy and the introduction of tenge in the first years of independence.

Today, Kazakhstan's money is one of the most beautiful in the world. Three years in a row, they were recognized as the best in the world by design: in 2011, 2012 and 2013 (banknotes of 10 000, 5 000 and 1 000 tenge).

The relevance of the topic was confirmed by the high assessment of the lecture session by students:

Gulbarshin Abueva, student of the College of Public Catering and Service:

- The lecture was very informative, interesting, and rich: from Desht-i Qipchaq to modern international competitions of national currencies. There was a lot of new and, most importantly, practically necessary information. We deal with money every day and it is simply necessary to know the main points: how and where they are created, printed, how they affect all spheres of society, know the peculiarities of design and protective signs of tenge.


Firdaus Aitkulov, student of the College of Public Catering and Service:

- I really liked the archive photos and videos. Thanks to them, we once again saw how difficult the first years of independence were. It was interesting to learn about the activities of the Kazakhstan Mint, its products. I believe that such lectures must be held in the museum to clearly see all the exhibits, documents and fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of that period. I really liked the manner of the lecturer to conduct the lesson: both questions and conversations with students. Many thanks for such an informative event.