On November 2 this year, a debate competition among students of the Colleges of the capital for the Challenge Cup of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Elbassy was held, organized by the debate club "Akikat" of the Library of Elbassy and the Department of Education of Nur-Sultan.


In 2018, the winner of the competition was the team of the capital College of transport and communications, on the basis of which the competition took place this year. It should be noted the high level of organizational work of the teaching staff of the institution.

         Opening the event, Deputy Director of the Library of Elbassy Botagoz Kaipova told about the diverse cultural and educational activities of the Library and in particular about the functioning of the debate club "Akikat":

- The main objectives of the club are to discuss the most pressing issues of socio-political development of Kazakhstan's society, improving the skills of public speaking, the ability to argue and defend their point of view. Every year the number of teams and participants of the debate competition increases. This year, the number of those wishing to participate in the contest is about 200 people from 15 colleges of the capital.

          The main theme of the competition this year is innovations in education and science. The competition consisted of three qualifying rounds and a final. In total, 50 teams participated in the contest, including 32 in Kazakh and 18 in Russian.

Prizes were distributed as follows:

Kazakh League:

1st place: the team "Keshіrіńіzdershі" - College of transport and communications;

2nd place: the team of "Jeńіs bіzdіkі" - Humanitarian College;

3rd place: the team of "ASC-1" - Humanitarian College.

Russian League:

1st place: team "AHC-dream" Humanitarian College;

2nd place: the team of "Young Hearts" - College "Lingua";

3rd place: team "AGK-Stars" - Humanitarian College.

During the awarding ceremony, the winning teams, the best speakers, coaches and judges of the competition received valuable prizes and gifts.

Daria Pashkevich, student of "Lingua" College:

          - The debate club develops various social and communication skills, teaches to formulate thoughts correctly. I liked the fact that the important and topical problems of our society were discussed in the contest. All participants proposed different projects and freely expressed their views. I am impressed that the jury does not interfere in the course of the game and assesses fairly. Such debates provide an opportunity for everyone to test his abilities.

Anuar Mukanov, student of "Lingua" College:

- The debate went very well. I want to note that the organizers have successfully chosen the themes for the competition. Personally, I liked the discussion of the virtual world and new information technologies. Debates are new information, new practically meaningful experiences. I am very happy with my team and my College. I advise everyone to try his or her hand at the debate, I think it is very useful.



Rakhim Shayzodaev, student of L.N.Gumilyov Eurasian National University, chief judge of the competition:

- The debate is an extensive and useful platform for meeting new people, new ideas. Many well-known world politicians in their student years were engaged in debates, for example, B. Obama, T. May, and others. Debates are useful for everyone who is interested in the art of polemics and dialogue, dispute management. They develop critical thinking and help to see the situation, the event as a whole. Debates broaden your horizons because the topics discussed require specific knowledge in the area of economics, politics, sports, education, etc. I consider the level of training of the teams at today's competition to be very high and I want to wish all participants success in the subsequent debate.