"I live, breathe, exist by the internal affairs of my homeland,
its fate for me is above all benefits…»
Alikhan Bokeikhanov

The 25-volume collection of materials of the newspaper "Ak Zhol" entered the book collection of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy.

The collection was compiled on the personal initiative of a public figure, poet Khanbibi Yesenkarkyzy, who collected materials from the newspaper "Ak Zhol" in the libraries and archives of Tashkent, Shymkent, Almaty and Moscow, and they were published in 2020 as part of the republican budget program "Publication of socially important types of literature" of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

On May 30, 2020, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, on the eve of the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Mass Political Repression, paying tribute to the heroic desire of our people for independence, noted: "The political repressions of the 20-50s of the XX century are a sad page in the history of our people. ... About 100 thousand Kazakhstanis were repressed, more than 20 thousand of them were shot. Among the wrongfully convicted are such prominent state and political figures as Alikhan Bokeikhanov, Akhmet Baitursynov, Mukhamedzhan Tynyshpayev, Myrzakyp Dulatuly, Turar Ryskulov, Magzhan Zhumabayev, Saken Seifullin, Ilyas Zhansugurov, Beimbet Maylin, Sanjar Asfendiyarov and others".

According to the instructions of the Head of state, the State Commission for the political rehabilitation of victims of mass political repressions of 1920-1950 and the artificially organized famine of 1931-1933 was established.
         Now, thanks to the joint efforts of Alash scientists, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Alash Research Institute of the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyov, the "Alashorda" foundation and public figures, consistent spiritual and scientific rehabilitation of victims of mass repressions - leaders and intelligentsia of "Alash" is being carried out.
         This 5th of January, President K. K. Tokayev published an article "Independence is the most precious thing", in which he once again recalled the leaders of Alash Orda, "who once showed an example of serving the country."
         "We must remember such outstanding people and show their legacy to our youth and the world," the Head of state stressed.

The President also believed that the work of scholars and writers studying this topic should be supported and appreciated, and research should be accessible to the general public.
         The First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy N. A. Nazarbayev in his books and articles has always emphasized the importance of the activities of Alashordians. For example, in the book "In the flow of history", he wrote: "At the beginning of the twentieth century, the task of developing the Kazakh national idea was taken over by the spiritual and intellectual elite, who put forward the idea of national consolidation. ...Many of the provisions put forward by the leaders of the Alash party at that time remain relevant to this day".
         During the international scientific and practical conference "Rukhani zhangyru: Alash jáne azattyq ıdeıasynyń sabaqtastyǵy", held in November 2017, Elbasy noted: "The Alash movement at the beginning of the 20th century defended the political and social rights of society, fought to preserve national uniqueness. This is a vivid example of serving the people."
         The First President of Kazakhstan pointed out that the Alash movement is the will of our ancestors in the creation of a sovereign state and freedom.
         The multi-volume edition, consisting of articles of the newspaper "Ak Zhol", published at the beginning of the last century, gives readers the opportunity to get acquainted with the legacy of prominent figures of Alash and learn many interesting historical and informative facts.
         "Ak Zhol" (literally "The Righteous..." or "The Bright Path") is a socio-political newspaper published in 1920-1925 in Tashkent as an organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Turkestan, in 1925-1926 in Shymkent as an organ of the Syrdarya Provincial Committee of the All-Union Communist Party (b).
         The newspaper was founded by Nazir Torekululy (Tyuryakulov), Sanzhar Aspandiyaruly (Asfendiyarov) and Sultanbek Kozhenuly (Khodzhanov), as well as the Bolshevik Georgy Safarov in December 1920 in Tashkent. It can be considered that the newspaper "Ak Zhol" was the successor of the first national newspaper "Kazakh", which was closed in 1918.
         The first editor of the publication was Sultanbek Kozhanov. Later, the publishers and editors were N. Tyuryakulov, S. Ospanov, I. Toktybaev and others. M. Dulatov, Zh. Aimauytov, H. Dosmukhamedov, I. Dzhansugurov, A. Baitursynov, B. Suleev, T. Shopanov and many other representatives of the Kazakh intelligentsia worked for "Ak Zhol".
         The newspaper "Ak Zhol" has made a great contribution to the development of socio-political thought and cultural and educational work in Kazakhstan. The newspaper was sharply criticized by I. V. Stalin personally in a letter to the members of the bureau of the Kazkraikom of the CPSU(b) dated May 29, 1925. It is believed that it was from this event that the wave of repression of the late 1920s against the upper strata of Kazakh society, known as "Little October", began.