On November 14, this year, a two-day training seminar "The way to the future begins with everyone" was completed, which was attended by students of Kokshetau State University named after Sh. Ualikhanov and North Kazakhstan State University named after M. Kozybayev.

The ceremony of awarding certificates was held by Deputy Director of the Library of Elbassy Botagoz Kaipova.

- I think that during the training seminar you learned a lot not only about the state programs, projects and initiatives related to the name of our First President Nursultan Abishevich but also were able to make sure that the state strategy and the strategy of public administration are directly related to our socio-economic, spiritual and mental characteristics, she said, congratulating young people on successfully mastering the course "The way to the future begins with everyone".

Botagoz Muttakhidenovna stressed that they - the current pupils and students - who were to build the future of Kazakhstan and lead it to new heights and victories, so they needed to be competitive, ready to accept new information, be able to adapt to new circumstances and accept the challenges of the time.

All participants received memorable gifts with certificates. They expressed gratitude to the organizers of the training and presented their creative performances.


Many listeners expressed their impressions on the pages of social networks. For example, a student of NKSU named after M. Kozybayev Evgeny Romanenko writes: "The way to the future begins with everyone" is the theme of the training seminar, which was held in our city of Nur-Sultan from 13 to 14 November 2019.

And indeed, each of us contributes a part of himself and his soul to the development of the future of our country. Why is our history so rich and interesting? It is simple: at any time, there were people who were not afraid but created! They carried their ideas and were not afraid to change. Each of us needs to understand this, to understand that not only our future depends on us but also the future of the whole country. Such training allows realizing the importance, the necessity for the development of our country. How can we contribute to that? Where to start? Start with yourself! Change, learn, and strive. Be better today than you were yesterday! Set only high and right goals, achieve them! Know the history of your country, people. Take an interest in your roots. Explore your land! Our training consisted of two parts. Lectures - exciting facts of the story, inspiring parting words and much more. The training - the most interesting games, brainstorming, a complete reset. I would like to say a thousand words of gratitude to lecturers, coaches and, of course, organizers. Everything is at a very high level. All the time of the seminar there was a warm, friendly attitude, and hospitality. Such events are very useful to modern youth."