On October 3-d, 2008 in the South Kazakhstan Regional history museum was opened an exhibition «Elin suigen, eli suigen Elbasi» with the assistance of the regional branch of NDP «Nur Otan».

The exhibition was opened by akim of South Kazakhstan region N.S.Ashimov, deputy director of the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K.K.Aktaeva and Chairman of the Council of Veterans U.S.Suleimenov.
     At the solemn opening ceremony were veterans of World War the II-nd, the representatives of «Nur Otan» party, heads of local governments, public members.
The main purpose of such exhibitions – is to show the critical stage of the sovereign Kazakhstan and describe the life and work of the First President of our country.
There were gifts presented to the Head of the State during business meetings and negotiations, official visits in recognition of the international credibility of the country and it’s Leader. 175 exhibits reflect the characteristics of material and spiritual culture of 32 countries of the world.
      Decorations of the exhibition were silverware: a set of glasses from the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliev, dishes from the Royal Thai Princess Maha Chakri Sirindorn. Unique products of weapon-masters – cold steel, manufactured in Kubachi (Dagestan), duel pistols of the beginning of the nineteenth century, panels «Dagger in scabbards» from the Minister of Higher Education of Qatar State M.Abdul Rahim Kafuda.
      A part of the exhibition was devoted to the summer Olympics in Beijing. Visitors could see the unique exhibits: the model of the National stadium («Nest of bird»), it is a new symbolic construction in Beijing, where was the opening and closing ceremony of the Olympics; souvenir «Mouse with the torch in the hands» is a symbol of 2008; stamp of Olympics-2008, etc.
The exhibition will continue until November 3-d, 2008.