«Native Land» jubilee personal exhibition of a painter Marat Tuksaitov

February 3 – 10, 2017
«Native Land» jubilee personal exhibition of a painter Marat Tuksaitov
In the building of the Museum of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation took place opening of the jubilee personal exhibition of Marat Tuksaitov the member of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan, honored worker of Kazakhstan, academician of Arts Academy of Kazakhstan.
Tuksaitov Marat Tolegenovich was born on January 4, 1947 in the village of Novo-Troitsk of Karabalyk district of Kostanay region. After graduation the Alma-Ata art college named after N.V. Gogol in 1968, he worked in Tselinograd art workshops, taking an active participation in various city, regional, republican exhibitions of art works. Since 1977 he is a member of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan. In the period from 2000 to 2004 he was chairman of the Union of artists of Astana, at present time – he is a deputy chairman of the Union of artists of Astana.
Marat Tolegenovich is a master of his profession, it is evidenced by the numerous facts of recognition of his artistic achievements. The honorary title «Honored worker of Kazakhstan» was awarded M.T. Tuksaitov in 2005. In 2006 he became an academician of the Arts Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A gold badge is the highest award, established by the Union of artists of Kazakhstan and it was awarded Marat Tuksaitov in 2011. «Kurmet» order was awarded the artist in 2015.
In her speech the deputy director of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aktayeva Kulyaysha Kabdualiyevna noted:
"The exposition with works of various years is opened on the eve of significant date – the 70th anniversary of Marat Tulegenovich. The pictorial world of the artist created for half a century attracts and bewitches. In Marat Tuksaitov's works is revealed the identity of the artist-lyrist boundlessly liking and singing his native country". 
In turn Marat Tolegenovich in his speech noted: "My exhibition is devoted to my small homeland - the Kostanay region, Karabalyksky district, my village. I devote the works to my native village where I was born, took the first steps, for the first time got in my hand a pencil. I became an artist thanks to my first teacher and I devote my works to him.
Most of our Kazakhstan citizens – known or unknown, were born in the village. It is my message: remember that place where you were born and as far as possible take care of your small homeland. It is a purpose of my exhibition, its main subject".
Marat Tolegenovich works, mainly, in portrait and landscape genres. In works of the master the special relation to the native land, ability to see beauty in daily rural life is felt. The author notices and shows in details warm feelings of native home which known and kept in memory of everyone. The main quality of the artist is reliability in showing of images, moods, atmosphere of time and place. Especially this ability is shown in landscapes of the different seasons capable "to move" a viewer to the space. All pictures of the artist have a special love, conception and compassion which can be felt only in relation to the native land. The guests of the exhibition «Native Land» could satisfy themselves in it. At the exhibition were presented more than 40 works of the master.