«Kazakhstan-2050» Strategy

In December 2012 President's message to the people was represented by the Republic of Kazakhstan Development Strategy up to 2050. Its main objective is to create a society of prosperity based on a strong state, developed economy and universal labor opportunities of Kazakhstan joining the thirty most developed countries in the world.

To achieve this "Strategy" Kazakhstan-2050" provides for the implementation of seven long-term priorities:


  1. Economic policy of the new course – comprehensive economic pragmatism on the principles of profitability, return on investment and competitiveness.

  2. Comprehensive support of the entrepreneurship – the leading force of the national economy

  3. New principles of the social policy – social guarantees and personal responsibility

  4. Knowledge and professional skills are the key landmarks of the modern system of education, training and retraining.

  5. Further strengthening of the statehood and development of Kazakhstani democracy.

  6. Consistent and predictable foreign policy is promotion of the national interests and strengthening the regional and global security.

  7. New Kazakhstan patriotism is a basis for success of our multiethnic and multi-confessional society.