The exhibition of the works of the members of the Union of the artists of Kazakhstan K. S. Akhmetzhan and R.A. Akhmetzhana was organized by Museum.
      On the exhibition were represented picturesque works, graphic sheets of book illustrations and scientific and artistic reconstructions of the traditional armament of Kazakhs, article made of chiy.
      K. S. Akhmetzhan being the candidate of historical sciences, ethnographer and expert for weapon many years is occupied by scientific research work. Sphere of his interests: the history of armament and military science of nomads, the history of the ancient skill of nomadic peoples, people skill of Kazakhs. The author is more than 70 scientific and popular science articles even two monographs.
      In the exposition exhibition of R.A. Akhmetzhanova were represented the articles made of chiy, picturesque works and projects of the design of interiors.
      Exhibition passed from 15 to 31 August, 2007.