Expanded session of Council of teachers at the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan

On November 6th, 2009 was held the expanded session of Council of teachers at the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. There was the presentation of Educational program of the Museum for new 2010 year, was discussed master class results «Қазақстанның тарихи-мәдени ескерткіштерін сақтаудағы ҚР Президенті Н.Ә.Назарбаевтың ролі», spent within the limits of the republican seminar «New views of education organizations’ heads competence development».

      In the performance of the chairman of the council of teachers at MFP RК (further-CT), the deputy director, candidate of historical sciences Kaipova B.M. has acquainted members of CT with directions of the work of the Centre of museum Pedagogics for 2010 year, expressed gratitude to active members of CT and noticed that Astana Education Management made the offer on creation from next year on the basis of the Museum of one of accreditation platforms of capital teachers.
      To the teachers of the history who took part in the work of the international scientifically-practical conference «Contemporary museum: Science. Traditions. Innovations» was handed over collections with forum materials.

      Members of CT at MFP RК took part in master class discussions: methodologist of EM Amirgalieva D.K., manageress of Astana IIPS and CT Ospanova A. A., the teacher of history of gymnasium № 31 Gorlova T.V., etc. In the general opinion, the Lecture hall of MFP RК renders the effective methodical, theoretical help to the school teachers, concerning a new history of Kazakhstan. Museum lessons in the Museum of the First President of RК promote growth of pedagogical skill of history teachers of Astana schools, serve an exchange of experience of experts and promote patriotic education of rising generation. The master class is an indicator of integration of the Museum in education system sphere. A strength part of Hamitova A.S. lesson – is the selected form. The lesson - research constructed on design technology, has shown depth of knowledge of pupils about history-archaeological monuments, has revealed abilities to analyze archival documents independently, to select the main thing, to draw analogies of scientists certificates and to build the hypothesis. Such lessons bring up a love for the country, form interest to trades of the archaeologist, the ethnographer and the anthropologist, and attach to care of protection of monuments of history and culture.