Exhibition "Kazakhstan in the world community"

  On September 24, 2009 at 11.00 a.m. in the Museum of local lore, history and economy of Temirtau city was opened an exhibition "Kazakhstan in the world community" from the funds of the Museum of the First President of RK.
      The aim of the exhibition is to show the main directions of multi-vector foreign policy of our country, the place and role of Kazakhstan in the international community on the eve of the presidency in the OSCE.
      All variety of this subject clearly presented in the materials from the personal archive of N.A. Nazarbayev and in the exhibits from the museum collection. There are more than 130 exhibits from 22 countries, most of which are gifts presented to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan from Heads of States and Governments, leaders of public organizations and large companies. Among them are the books of political and public figures of our time with the inscriptions, congratulatory messages, documents and photographs. The visitors are very interested in such souvenir compositions as "Samotsvety Urala", rotating panel "Storks", doll "Samurai". Numismatic enthusiasts will be interested in stamps of Singapore, a coin with a portrait of U.S. President Barack Obama, etc.

      At the ceremonial opening of the exhibition speech of welcome were made by: director of the Museum of the First President of RK A. S. Sagyngali and Head of Temirtau akim apparatus G. Sh. Tuyakov.
      The exhibition will be until October 25, 2009.