The exhibition “Kazakhstan and world community”

On October 28, 2011 in Atyrau regional folk Museum with the support of the regional department of culture was held the solemn opening of the exhibition “Kazakhstan and world community” from the funds of the Museum of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Independence of our country.
      At the opening ceremony took part the deputy akim of Atyrau region A. Kerimov, the deputy director of the Museum of the First President of RK K. Aktaeva, public and state representatives, the honorable citizens of Atyrau region, veterans of the culture, representatives of mass media and pupils of the secondary schools.
      The aim of the exhibition is to show the place and the role of Kazakhstan in the modern global community, the achievements of the sovereign period through the prism of the activity of the First President Nursultan Nazarbayev.
      There were 209 exhibits from 30 countries of the world which are evidences of the recognition of Kazakhstan as an equal member of the international community and at the same time shows the major achievements of our country for years of Independence. The documents and photographs from the Private archive, the exhibits from the funds of the Private library of the Head of the state, the museum collections, reflecting the formation of independent Kazakhstan and its multi-vector foreign policy, gifts from the heads of the states and governments, the delegations from the USA, UK, China, Russia, India, Japan, EU, Asia Pacific region, Muslim countries and the CIS reveal the main content of the exhibition. Among them: the souvenir “Ural semi-precious stones” from D.A. Medvedev the President of RF, the table clock from Elizabeth II the Queen of the Great Britain, the bowl from C. Rice the former U.S. Secretary of the State, the decorative jug from S. Demirel the former President of Turkey, etc. Each exhibit is a mark, which embodied era, people and their culture, and the visitors have one more opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of other nations.
      The people of Atyrau region can get acquainted with the exhibition until November 25, 2011.