From September 11 to October29, 2007, by museum together with the Art- club "Құланши" was organized the exhibition of pictures and the graphs of well-known artists from the different countries and the continents, which cooperate in the independent creative association "Құланши".
      On the exhibition were represented 55 works. This is the work of masters from Kazakhstan, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Portugal, USA, Great Britain. Many of them - the laureates of international competitions and participants in the European symposia on the skill.
      ART FORUM KULANSHI - this is annual festival of the depictive skill, whose task to draw attention to world community to the cultural life of Kazakhstan. The concept of present forum as the basic idea, which combined artists from the different countries, consists in the unity of general human values.
      Moreover, exhibition granted rare possibility to be introduced to 18 originals of the lithographs of Salvador Dali, Marc Shagal, Jean Miro, Giacomo Mants and Picasso' Pablo.
      More than 10 500 inhabitants and guests of the capital visited the exhibition..