«Appeal to beginnings». The artist Muratbek Zholamanov’s exhibition

On February 27, 2018 in the building of the Museum of the Library of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbassy took place opening of «Appeal to beginnings» of the artist Muratbek Zholamanov (1966-2000). The exhibition is organized in the limits of the program «Spiritual modernization».

The deputy director of the Elbassy library Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov noted in his opening speech:

– More than 30 works of the author are presented at the exhibition which distinguishes deep content and vivid visual perception. The content of unique works is intertwined with the main provisions of the Elbassy program Spiritual modernization». Each picture of the artist reveals a certain historical theme and at the same time, turns to the sources of national identity and deep patriotic feelings. Muratbek Zholamanov, as a bright star, left his mark in the history of Kazakhstan's fine arts. He created images in the late 90's. of 20th century, that became signs of this era.

Artist’s wife Gulzhamish Zholamanova noted his extraordinary talent:

– The main theme of his paintings is the history of the Kazakh people. His dream is to show the multifaceted and amazing history of his land and people in the pictures. He wanted to convey to the future generations all the spiritual wealth that were preserved to us from ancestors. He thoroughly studied ancient history and only then started to any picture. Muratbek was a patriot of his homeland. Now we talk about spiritual revival so much. His paintings are a vivid example of spiritual appeal to beginnings. His artistic skill is a separate topic of conversation. He hasn’t been with us for 18 years, but his work is still interesting and relevant for young people. His manner and technique of painting were much ahead of his time. He never did work to order, only his creative inspiration could make him sit down for a picture.

The deputies of the Majilis of the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan, public and state figures, members of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan and etc took part at the opening ceremony.

Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, member of the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan, member of the International Union of Professional Artists (Brussels), honorary professor of Nanjing Art University (China), holder of the Golden Order «Cavalier of Art» (Brussels) Sembigali Smagulov characterizes him as an extraordinary personality thinking about his pupil:

– Muratbek Zholamanov’s short but bright life was filled with creative searches, initiatives. He tried himself in different genres and directions. I always welcome these qualities in young artists. He was fascinated by charismatic historical figures – the khans of Zhanibek and Kerey, Makhambet, Syrym batyr, and others. It’s a pity that his creative flight was so tragically interrupted, but he managed to create a rich artistic heritage. His life can be an example of selfless service to his homeland for the present youth generation.

M.T. Zholamanov was born in Zhossaly village of the West Kazakhstan region. In 1990 he graduated from «Painting» department of Art College named after O. Tansykbayev. In 1996 he graduated from the Kazakh state art academy named after T.Zhurgenov. The artist was a student of the academician K. Telzhanov and the professor M. Kalymov. Muratbek Taufukovich was an excellent student, so he was left to teach in academy named after T. Zhurgenov at «Academic Painting» department. It was time of his active participation in many republican and international exhibitions. Nowadays the works of the master are in the museums and private collections of such countries as Turkey, Poland, England, Korea.

The subjects and images of Muratbek Zholamanov's paintings are relevant and interesting in a rapidly changing world, in the daily dynamics of a society which is going through a stage of renewal of his consciousness.

More than 30 works of the artist will be presented at the exhibition.  Every work is a national property of the people of Kazakhstan.

The exhibition will be till March 27, 2018.